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The Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada (CIF/IFC) has a successful record of leadership in developing and maintaining partnerships in forest science, extension and knowledge exchange by drawing on it’s network of some 10, 000 interdisciplinary forestry professionals and practitioners. The Institute’s new national tree-roots network, Science-Extension-Education-Knowledge (CIF-SEEK), takes advantage of these existing strengths as a well-established, balanced non-profit association that can instigate and facilitate forest science and research projects with an array of partners, and successfully lead the practical application of their outputs and results at local, regional and national scales.

CIF-SEEK organizes, tracks and reports on projects within 6 broad program areas and collaborates with a variety of partners, including the Canadian Forest ServiceCanadian Wood Fibre Centre, FPInnovationsOntario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and many others.



Click here to access our educational CIF-SEEK presentation for use at your next function (no internet connection required). 

Mission Statement

Provide leadership and accountability in the successful implementation of science to support sustainable forestry and integrated land and natural resource management across Canada.


To be an objective platform for interdisciplinary forest science collaboration and extension, and to effectively catalyze application into policy, planning and practice – at regional, provincial and national scales.

Goals and Objectives

To promote, instigate and facilitate multiple public-private forest science and research projects within an effective partnership framework by providing:

  • A cost-effective platform for the pooling of financial and human resources
  • Regional, provincial and national leadership and capacity to set knowledge priorities
  • Effective knowledge exchange and implementation using modern and traditional media


 For a look at the CIF-SEEK Business Plan, click here

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