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The Forestry Research Partnership (FRP) was a cooperative initiative between Tembec Inc., the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the Canadian Forest Service, and the Canadian Ecology Centre in Mattawa, Ontario that ran for 12 successful years, coming to a close in March 2013.

The Partnership’s goals included the identification, development and implementation of economically sustainable, and scientifically defensible leading edge forestry practices that would allow for both the maintenance and enhancement of an economically viable supply of quality wood fibre to Tembec mills, while maintaining forest ecosystem health and stability.

Although the FRP will no longer exist within its current business model, CIF SEEK has taken off where this initiative left off, bringing the strengths and the legacy of the FRP model to the entire nation.

Please click here to be directed towards the FRP website

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“As wood supplies continue to erode for a variety of reasons, while world demand for sustainable products increases, and as well as society’s requirements for environmentally appropriate and socially acceptable approaches continually increase – the need for focused and effective applied research is paramount. We will need to remain vigilant to ensure value for money in all of our research efforts”  …Read more of the latest FRP e-newsletter (2013).